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10. APRIL ' 17



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Tokio Hotel are back – and 2017, they will conquer the stages of the world again with the most anticipated concert event of the year. With their last number-one album ''Kings of Suburbia'' and their unprecedented live show, the band performed more than 50 live gigs in more than 20 countries all over the world, exciting fans and critics alike. Their album went gold, reached the number one position in 30 countries, and was among the top five in 17 more. 




The preparations for the tour have been going on for months already. On their 27th birthday, Bill and Tom Kaulitz revealed the news exclusively to their fans leaving them thrilled. Vocalist Bill: ''I just need to perform. It's the only reason I am still on this planet! I feel like if I'm not on stage for too long it's not good for me.'' The ‘'Dream Machine World Tour'' will start with a ‘'Part 1'' and will kick off on March 12, 2017 in London. With 29 cities, the tour will lead Tokio Hotel throughout Europe and Russia.


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rIGa / Marijas str. 21

 Tokio Hotel are back – and 2017, they will conquer the stages   address: Marijas iela 21, Centra rajons, Riga 

10. APRIL' 17

PALLADIUM Concert Hall

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